Thursday, December 23, 2004

Its Latin name is Nymphicus hollandicus

Well, it's a creature thirty centimeters long, made of 150 grams of feather and a few other things. The point of having it is to have it, serve it, and clean behind it.

This specimen of mine is a cockatiel and I call it Mikica. Its Latin name is Nymphicus hollandicus.

I don't know of any scientific method of determining a cockatiel's sex, but I've heard plenty of theories about what my birdie could be... Some people claimed this, others that - and oh, lucky me, there was no third possibility. So my Mikica was in turn a male and a female, and then I decided I'd had enough of that.

I said: I don't care what it really is, from now on - it's a Female and that's it! Only a female can make me that mad.

The most important thing when you have a Parrot is: don't give it everything to eat, and keep it away from the drought.

Eating habits. - It could be fatal if you experiment with the menu of your birdie, so you'd better not. It will eat bread, but bread will coagulate in its stomach and it won't be able to pass it out. It may die. Do not feed it with bread! Give it food for birds and the food you know is safe. I sometimes feed my bird with some fruit, bits of carrot, a boiled egg...

Drought. - Keep it away from the drought! It could be fatal!

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